All games designed and built by me. They come in varying states of completion and as is.

Flippity Flip Burger

Stop the burgers from burning in this mini-game.

Puzzle Game

A simple digital puzzle game. Drag and drop.

iSpy - Beach

A simple iSpy style game for use in a landing page.

Paddle Ball

My take on pong... sort of. How long can keep it going?

Tilt It!

A digital version of the the classic tilt style hand held games of yesteryear.

Catch of the Day

How many fish can you catch in one go?

Santa's Drop

Santa is needs your help to drop off gift this holiday season... can you help him out?

Watch Out!

Test your brakes by avoiding the obstacles in the road as you make your way thru town.

Blurry Vision

Figure out the combinations of letters in this weirdly addicting game about having terrible eye sight.

Out Of Control

When your aligment is out-of-whack, bad things can happen? Avoid othe cars in this simple one-touch game.

Service Defender

An homage to the great 80's games. Protect your vehicles from an onslaught of meteors.


Made for the Ludum Dare game jam in April 2020. Avoid the lazers as long as possible in this unique game.


Enjoy 15 levels in this simple puzzle game about a cute little ram. Complete with level editor.

Knight & Sheild

A study in character customzation. Move around, block arrows, avoid fire.

Stay Home

A quarentine inspired game about caring for others. Is going out worth the risk of spreading Covid-19?


Avoid the baddies and dig holes to trap them. Everything here is random each time.

'A' Story

An interactive short story about the letter 'a'. Simple graphics made with CSS only.

Color Swap

Arrange the color blocks in order from lightest to darkest. How fast can you complete all the levels?

Potholes: The Video Game

Potholes can wreak havoc on your car. Avoid them in this 80's inpsired racer designed for car dealerships.


Potholes can wreak havoc on your car. Avoid them.

O Christmas Tree

Celebrate the season by decorating the tree in this simple drag and drop game.

What The Elf?

The elves have started a snowball fight. Knock out as many as you can before you get overwhelmed.

Something In Space

Use your mouse to avoid obstacles in this space themed flying game.


Bump planets using your mouse to clear them from the sceen.


Turn-based rhythm game with three modes. Try not to burn Toasty the marshmallow.


Avoid hitting the birds to complete this game, and learn some new flying tricks. Serious frame-rate issues. Sorry.


Try your skills against 60+ levels of mazes. Completely built in HTML/CSS only.


A card-based randomly generated race across the U.S.A. Watch out for natural disasters.


Collect the six stars across six different areas to complete this simple platforming game.


Point-and-Click to decorate one of 12 different locations in Christmas lights. Happy Holidays!


A lonely giraffe has his world turned upside-down when he gets hit by a rainbow comet.

(c)2019-2021 All games found herein have been created, built, and designed by Kit Jenson. They come as is.